Natural History Walk


The service includes the specialized naturalist guide and entrance to the hanging bridges trail.
START TIMES: Monday to Sunday: 8am – 9am – 10am -12pm – 1pm – 2pm. Requires previous reservation.
DURATION: Approximately 2.5 hours.
DISTANCE: 1.9 miles total, short version of 1 mile
MANDATORY REGULATIONS: Closed shoes are required. Sandals or others open shoes are not allowed.


Our experts will induce you to discover the wonderful secrets of this forest that is a natural sanctuary.

One of the benefits of having the guidance of a specialist is their wide knowledge of the species that inhabit the reserve, which allows the guest to observe more species both in the canopy and the forest floor.

The expert eye of the guide will give you a valuable opportunity to appreciate the balance of the mystical life that happens to every moment during the guided tour.


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